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  No concerts for the moment...
  02-04-2016 Madrid - Fotomatón - 21:30h (+ Birds are indie)
  JYSUS, S/T - Jysus EP contains a set of songs moving in between the folk, rock, country and psicodelia.
  CLYDE, "INTERMEDIARIOS E.P." - Electric guitar based songs surprise CLYDE's fans after a mainly acoustic centerd carreer.
CLYDE, "CANCIÓN DE LAS SOMBRAS" (Y.M. live acoustic)
Yogurt Music is a project created by Henrique Cepeda, Elista Fonta and Andrés Castaño which combines acoustic music and video live recording. Recorded in the Madrid of the Austrias this song is included in "La Suerte", CLYDE's third record.
Directed by J.J. Tirado and starred by Esther Margarit (from the band Me and the Bees) Eightman releases the video of the song opening their debut album "Louder"..
Last month of june CLYDE started the recording of their next record in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz and Nashville, Tennesse. Before we previewed several rehersal sessions at the Margarita Studio at Madrid. One of this rehersals was recorded, "Contando gotas de lluvia (II)", which will take part of the new band's album.
"Preludio" is the first H2V's clip directed by Mariano Baez and Franco Estruvia. Created entirely with old photographs and old abandoned super 8 films, in its more than five minutes of duration, the summer gone, the summer sometime it was, appears and reappears in dreamed images as stolen thoughts to people that never existed.
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  Roberto Moso, La Caja Negra
The band talk about the recording of their first record

Here you will find the news, record releases and concerts information about our artists. From this site you all can access our online store wich provides an easy, fast and secure manner to obtain their music. Buying our music from this site you are supporting all these bands and people who work in this small independent label.
Sitting on the dock of the bay we welcome TIGER & MILK. After following their indie pop lo-fi tunes all over the city the group finally has been signed by the ship logo label.
In advance to the LP "La cara norte" (DB008 CDLP 2013) which shall be released the next September they offer the digital single "Tenemos que hablar". As B side it includes "La escotilla", song based on a very popular American TV serie.
The smooth and introspective indie pop that critics approached from its beginig to the Donosti Sound and the poetry based lyrics always present in the group career this time travel to the Mississippi bank where they finished the recording of their third record "La suerte". Influenced by these two geographically and cultural distant locations results the new CLYDE's work, a guided trip over the stories of a several loosers where the electric guitars gain the main role for the first time offering a new musical perspective of the group.  
Efe Eme. Record of the day. “Como quien no quiere la cosa, Clyde llevan ya diez años de carrera. Se dice pronto, y en estos años el grupo, cuyos miembros parten del Puerto de Santa María –y allí vuelven siempre a grabar en los estudios de Paco Loco–, ha desarrollado una carrera exigua en cantidad pero exquisita en belleza. Un disco en 2003, otro este mismo mes y dos epés intermedios...” (read more)
Interview: Julio Ruiz. Disco Grande. RNE, Radio 3  
"La suerte". Video teaser  
We proudly present the promotional clip of CLYDE's new record "La suerte" (DB005CD 2013) where three parts of the song "La distancia que nos une" can be heard. The video was directed by Julio & Verne (Julio Lozano y Luis Verne).  
Listen to or download free the new CLYDE's EP as it was presented in RNE and Telemadrid Radio
EfeEme.  Record of the day: CLYDE. Canción de las sombras’, sin duda una de las melodías más bonitas que habrá en este 2012, una letra llena de esperanzas que al llegar al estribillo se carga de luminosidad en la instrumentación, de tonos amplios y cálidos. No es más que una presentación de lo que va a ser su disco...' (read more)
Jesús M. López introduces "Intermediarios" in Onda Pop at Tele Madrid Radio. Julio Ruiz introduces "Canción de las sombras" at Disco Grande de RNE, Radio 3 while Pilar Arzak talk about "Contando gotas de lluvia II"and "Quién detendrá la lluvia" in the radio program Peligrosamente Juntos.
After signing up for Discos de la Bahía in spring 2009 the band travels in July to El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, to record their fist LP “Louder” (DB003 2010) with the independent music producer Paco Loco.

“Louder” is released at the end of November and  its 10 song accurately revive some of the alternative sounds from the end of the 80´s and 90´s. The music brings echoes of bands such as Ride, The Wedding Present or The Go Betweens and pays tribute to one of their favourite bands, The Velvet Underground.
"Louder" in the list of the best records of the year in Mondosonoro magazine. The debut album of this Bilbao band brings back to life the sounds that captured the scene years ago. We are talking about a work that oozes influences from the 90´s(Teenage Fanclub, Yo La Tengo), the 80’s (The Wedding Present, Ride) and the 70’s (Velvet Underground) thoroughout the entire record. “Summer Of 98” and “Talk About Her” has the feel of indie music from ofold, classic unpolished, Lo-Fi melodies that capture the alternative musuc spirit of yesteryear. The rest of the LP run through a similar grounds.We especially liked , the first song we heard from them ("All Into One”) and “The Side”, that sound every bit as good as the universally acclaimed “The Pains Of Being Pure At Heart". (J.V. - Zarata Mondo Sonoro)